Albert's Pour House

Hot Drinks


Americano £2.00
Latte £2.50
Flat White £2.55
Cappuccino £2.55
Mocha £2.60
Espresso £1.60

Add a flavoured syrup (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla or Gingerbread) – £0.30

Flavoured Teas – £2.20

Earl Grey
Peppermint (Decaf)
Chamomile (Decaf)
Honeydew Green
Lemongrass & Ginger (Decaf)
KiwiBerry (Decaf)
Spring Green

Tea/Americano and cake for £3.95

Extra shot – £0.40
With non-dairy milk – £0.30
Decaf tea and coffee are available

Hot Chocolate Bar

Regular – £2.95 / Large – £3.45 / Deluxe – £3.95

Straight Up
Chilli Chocolate
Chocolate Orange

Deluxe includes two of the following toppings –
Chocolate Honeycomb Pieces
Fresh Raspberries
Love Hearts
Chocolate Buttons
Chocolate Orange Popcorn

All our hot chocolates come with whipped cream & marshmallows as standard, please let us know if you would like yours without.

Sharing Drinks

Chaos Hot Chocolate – £4.95

Our double hot chocolate made with 35% West African cocoa and 10% flaked milk chocolate, topped with whipped cream, Maltesers, chocolate buttons, a chocolate star & cigar, chocolate sauce, chocolate dusting, toasted marshmallows…..oh and a jam doughnut for good measure.

Dipping Doughnuts – £3.50

Ten mini ring doughnuts served with a side of our extra-thick Spanish style hot chocolate, meaning it is perfectly acceptable to drink the dip when you finish dipping!

Boozy Hot Chocolate – £5.00

Lazarroni Amaretto
Chairman’s Spiced Rum
Feeney’s Irish Cream
Borghetti Coffee Liqueur
Frangelico – Hazelnut Liqueur

Liqueur Coffee – £4.55

Our Brazilian single-origin coffee, with a house spirit of your choosing, topped with cream.

Barraquito – £4.00

A layered drink of condensed milk, espresso, Licor 43 (Spanish Liqueur) and foamed milk.
Stir before drinking for best taste.