Albert's Pour House

Gin Menu

Each gin is shown with our suggested garnish and tonic, selected to be the perfect partner to that gin. Please let us know if you would prefer a different garnish or tonic.

The gin prices shown are based upon large measures. Small measures are also available.

Greenall’s – £6.75

Simply lime, Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon

Greenall’s Pink Gin (Wild Berry) – £7.00

Raspberry and blackberry, Fever-Tree Indian

Dr Eamers Citrus Spiced – £9.00

Orange Wheel, Fever-Tree Elderflower

Poetic Licence Fireside – £9.00

Blackberries, Fever-Tree Elderflower

Thomas Dakin £8.50

Orange twist, Fever-Tree Mediterranean

Xoriguer £7.50

Lemon and juniper berries, Fever-Tree Mediterranean

Puerto de Indias Strawberry – £9.00

Strawberry, Fever-Tree Light

Langley’s Old Tom £7.75

Orange, lemon juice, Fever-Tree Indian

Opihr – £7.50

Ginger and orange, Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil

Steampunk – £8.50

Fresh mint and lemon, Fever-Tree Indian

Roku – £9.00

Ginger, Fever-Tree Indian

Warner Edwards Rhubarb – £9.00

Rhubarb bitters and ginger, Fever-Tree Mediterranean

No.209 – £9.00

Grapefruit, Fever-Tree Indian

Hayman’s Sloe – £7.25

Lemon zest and raspberry, Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil

Puerto de Indias Black Edition £8.75

Orange peel & cucumber, Fever-Tree Light

Blackwoods Vintage – £7.00

Orange zest, Fever-Tree Elderflower

Blackwoods Superior (60% ) – £9.00

Grapefruit and fresh mint, Fever-Tree Indian

Malfy Con Arancia (Blood Orange) – £8.50

Orange wheel, Fever-Tree Mediterranean

Poetic Licence, St Clements (gin liqueur) – £7.25

Orange & lemon wheels, Fever-Tree Indian

Zuidam Jonge Genever £8.25

Ginger, apple juice & Fever-Tree Ginger Ale

No.209 Barrel Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon Cask – £12.00

Served straight up with orange zest – no tonic